What do people have to say about Andreas Addison?

“Not only a natural leader, but a true visionary. Andreas’s vision for pushing government to new heights empowered us to want to make government better, to challenge the status quo, and drive innovation forward. A true leader motivates others to want to do better, think outside the box, look at issues with a different lens, and serve as a catalyst for change. Andreas was that catalyst—changing mindsets in order to bring positive change to our organization and transform government, for generations to come.”

-Lorena Molina-Irizarry (NextGen Training Summit partner)

“Andreas has been a pinnacle of the civic technology community since its inception. When there were only five local government officials in the country showing up to events centered on transparency, access and engagement Andreas was one of them. He has stayed committed to this effort for the six years I have known him. RVA did a wonderful job raising such an outstanding community leader.”

– Ben Berkowitz, founder/CEO SeeClickFix


In 2016, we need leaders who want to tackle the big problems facing our cities.  Andreas is one of those rare individuals and has spent his career bringing innovation to large-scale government problems.  Whether it’s his work at Richmond City Hall to his international work with groups like Bloomberg Philanthropies, Code for America, and my organization GovLoop. he is known for making an impact in driving innovation in government.  I can’t wait to see what he will do at City Council.

– Steve Ressler, President & Founder of GovLoop

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