Code of Ethics

I aim to build a government for the people, by the people, and in the 21st century. One that is transparent, accessible, and accountable.

I will embrace the unique complexity each problem brings, focusing on data driven decision-making, best practices research, and collaboration to make the best possible solution.

I will be honest and forthright in making important budget and policy decisions. Weighing the options presented and reaching out to the community for input as well as how peer cities in how they have addressed similar situations.

I strive to capitalize on the power to realize our collective goals to improve the First District and our City, through outreach and engagement, while finding the best path to achieve and sustain them.

I will champion these principles in my role as your City Council representative, setting the example for all of City Hall.

“Andreas has been a pinnacle of the civic technology community since its inception. When there were only five local government officials in the country showing up to events centered on transparency, access and engagement Andreas was one of them. He has stayed committed to this effort for the six years I have known him. RVA did a wonderful job raising such an outstanding community leader.”

– Ben Berkowitz, founder/CEO SeeClickFix

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