Andreas Addison for 1st District City Council, Richmond, VA

Andreas Addison for Richmond City Council

About Andreas

Andreas has spent most of his career serving Richmond. Before running for Richmond City Council in 2016, he worked in City Hall for eight years, where he improved City Hall as a member of the performance management team and led special projects. He helped create the Office of Community Wealth Building, which has lifted many Richmonders out of poverty. 

As our City Councilmember, Andreas has delivered on our priorities. He has invested an additional $22 million into Richmond Public Schools, so our teachers and students have the resources they need to succeed. He has raised teacher pay by 9% since first taking office, so we can attract great teachers to educate our students. Andreas has more than doubled the size of Richmond’s paving budget, so our streets are safer and smoother for driving and biking. By June 2021, 40% of First District roads will have been repaved since Andreas took office.


Andreas has the experience and plan to lead our city through this crisis. He’s delivered for us before and will again. He will expand internet access to families, especially those who have kids who are learning remotely. He will grow Richmond’s economy through capitalizing on city-owned land and encouraging equitable development, and he is laser-focused on reopening Richmond safely. 


Now that he is a candidate again for the First District’s City Council seat, Andreas needs your help. People like you are indispensable to our campaign. We need your voice, your vote, and your help to win this race. If you want to help re-elect Andreas, you can sign up to volunteer or give a donation through this website. Together, we can realize our shared vision for Richmond by supporting Andreas Addison for City Council.


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