The Issues

Public Schools

Mary Munford Elementary SchoolA product of the Virginia Public School system, Andreas understands the value, role, and importance education plays in personal development and career preparedness. Each year, Andreas speaks to Richmond public school students to share his experience, career path, and personal testimony. He believes that education is the foundation for building a strong city, and he is committed to supporting and growing our schools. Through his involvement on the CodeVirginia Board and annual engagement with students, Andreas is eager to build a community of support around our schools to strengthen and advance education into lifelong learning for all students. We need to actively support our schools and strengthen the communities that make education and students thrive. City Council and School Board need to work hand-in-hand, year-round, to drive the changes needed to improve the quality of education in the classroom. Andreas has the experience, passion, and vision to improve our schools.

As your City Council representative, I commit to meeting monthly with our School Board representative, as well as visiting Mary Munford Elementary, Albert Hill Middle, and Thomas Jefferson High Schools once a month to meet with teachers, school leadership and parents to outline the needs of our schools.

Our Neighborhoods

Richmond City Trash CanWe need our trash and recycling to be picked up on time. Our streets should be paved, potholes filled, and clean. We need our schools, parks, and public spaces kept in excellent condition with grass mowed and garbage picked up. City services should operate as expected and as needed, not to be complained about for not working or being up to the standard we expect. 

I commit to making sure these services work as we expect them to, and to be available and responsive to drive the changes needed to make this possible. 

City Hall

Richmond City HallWe are an amazing city in spite of City Hall. We need to make City Hall work “for the people, by the people, and in the 21st century”. Richmond has the highest tax rate in the region, we deserve to have our city services match in quality and value our funding provides. As an innovator, building successful teams to drive important projects has shown me that City Hall can work as we expect it to. We need to make these examples not the exception, but the norm for how our City responds and functions in response to our needs. 

As your representative on City Council, I commit to driving City Hall to be accountable and responsive to our needs. It is my goal to improve upon everything that comes across my desk as your City Council representative, focusing on bringing value and improving accountability in city operations. It’s time to transition Richmond from being a follower of best practices to setting the example of good government. 

“A true leader motivates others to want to do better, think outside the box, look at issues with a different lens, and serve as a catalyst for change. Andreas was that catalyst ….”

– Lorena Molina-Irizarry (NextGen Training Summit partner)

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